COVID-19 Commercial Disinfection Service

Professional Disinfecting Services to Help Keep Your Employees and Customers Safe from Coronavirus.

Eco Pro Restoration offers coronavirus disinfection service in Baltimore. We utilize the most powerful cleansers to disinfect your commercial property to ensure a clean and safe working environment safe from Coronavirus. Our disinfection specialists can eliminate infectious viruses and diseases on all objects and surfaces.  We do this in businesses, restaurants, schools, fitness centers or any workplace.

  • We Use EPA Approved Disinfectants
  • Full Wipe Down Of All Surfaces
  • Fogging Services Available
  • Non-Caustic To Surfaces And Furniture
  • Non-Corrosive  Chemicals
  • Safe & Effective
  • No Odor

If you’ve found coronavirus in your home or business, the next worrying thing is how to effectively clean and disinfect your environment. The coronavirus has been known to live on hard surfaces for several weeks (32 days), so it’s important that we can eliminate this virus before we return back into our homes or businesses to have peace of mind. Coronavirus disinfection is the only option that can ensure your home or business is coronavirus free.

Coronavirus Disinfection: How Is It Done?

Coronavirus needs warm temperatures to survive, so we will use specialized equipment to heat your environment to over 70 degrees Celsius, effectively killing any coronaviruses inside, along with other viruses such as influenza or human coronaviruses.   Our coronavirus disinfection process is undertaken by an experienced specialist in a protective suit, hooded mask and equipped with full breathing apparatus. We have specially-designed ovens that are temperature controlled to ensure the correct temperature is achieved every time. This also ensures that all of the harmful coronavirus particles are killed before you return inside.

What Will Be Done?

The coronavirus disinfection process can take several hours depending on how large your property is and what it takes to completely sanitize the area of virus particles. Coronavirus disinfection should be done professionally because of the dangers involved; our professionals understand these risks and will use safety precautions throughout the entire process. A professional coronavirus disinfection technician will identify where coronaviruses are located within your environment, remove any personal belongings and sanitize the area using coronavirus ovens. After all coronavirus disinfection procedures have been completed, we will apply a coronavirus decontamination spray.

Eco Pro Restoration handles all cleanup. From biohazard, fire and smoke damage, mold removal, flooded basements and more.

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Commercial Coronavirus Disinfection

Our award-winning team will tackle your project room by room until every square inch has been disinfected.

Coronavirus Prevention

Our contractors will help you to understand how these types of virus are spread and what precautions you can take to keep your employees safe.

Safety First

Trust our project managers to work with you one on one, each step of the way. Your employees health and their families health depends on you safely eliminating these viruses.

Eliminate Infectious Diseases

Eco Pro Restoration virus disinfection specialists are uniquely prepared during this time to clean as well as disinfect your business or commercial property. We go strictly by the methods outlined by the CDC. We have over 17 years of experience in managing infectious contaminants, and we will get the job done right.

These are just a few of the surfaces
that the CDC requires you to clean and sterilize for Coronavirus disinfection.

Read more about CDC guidelines for Coronavirus disinfection here.

Light Buttons
Bathroom Components
Tablet computers
Kitchen/Food Locations

Schools and Classrooms
Retail store Spaces
Drinking fountain
Shelving and Racks Sales Counter top
Carpeting and also Upholstery
Stairway Handrails
Lift Automobiles
Play area Devices
Health and fitness Equipment