Smoke And Fire Damage Restoration

Smoke and fire damage restoration is no simple process and requires an entire team of professionals to carry out the task. Eco Pro Restoration of Baltimore can handle all of your restoration problems and assist in returning the affected area to it’s previous condition. The professionals at Eco Pro are well trained and can relieve the stress of dealing with your contents and belongings, not to mention the stress of dealing with the insurance companies. 

When fire breaks out, even a small one, the effects can be devastating as the smoke damage is often more destructive than the fire itself. Aside from the physical loss that a Baltimore homeowner must deal with, they must also face the emotional and psychological effects of seeing their investments turn into ashes.


Steps In Our Fire Restoration Process

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First things first, Call Us 24/7 365 days a year. We specialize in smoke and fire damage restoration. Our staff works with those affected to deliver an outstanding comprehensive service that restores the property quickly so people can move back in with peace of mind.

Smoke and fire damage can be difficult to deal with, but at Eco Pro Restoration we have the expertise to restore your property quickly, saving you time and we are available 24/7 to help with the restoration process, including emergency contact for after-hours emergencies.

Inspection & Fire Damage Assessment

Inspection and fire damage assessment is the next step in our restoration process. The goal of this phase is to identify all areas that have been impacted by a fire, including things like potential chemical exposure, water damage, and structural instability. We use specialized tools to assess the levels of smoke damage throughout your home or office in order to build a restoration plan that will address all of these issues.

Immediate Board-Up & Roof Tarp Service

Immediately after a fire, the structure will need to be boarded up and roof tarps will be put in place. The goal of these initial steps is to stop water damage from happening due to rain or snow. We will also make sure the structure is safe to be on by having a fire inspector come out and take a look at it before we start any work.

Water Removal & Drying

The first step in our fire restoration process is to remove any standing water and dry out the area. To do this, we use a high-efficiency pump with a powerful vacuum cleaner. We then use a wet-dry vacuum as the final step to remove any remaining water.

Often the damage done by putting out the fire can be worse than the fire itself. So removing the water is essential to preserving your home or businesses structure.

Removal of Smoke & Soot From All Surfaces

We remove smoke and soot from all surfaces. We take your belongings and move them into storage if needed to prevent further damage. Removing soot and smoke from these surfaces prevents odor and allows us to find any additional water damage that could cause further mold and mildew from forming. We then use our state-of-the art processes to clean your property’s carpets, drapes, upholstery, mattresses, and other textiles.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Cleaning and sanitizing is a vital step in the process of fire restoration. As soon as possible our team will begin to clean up any messes that may be caused by the fire. We will take any items that may have been damaged or destroyed and clean them up so they can be donated to a local charity, reused in another home, or recycled for materials.

We will then sanitize the area by wiping down all surfaces and spraying a disinfectant to kill any germs or bacteria that may have been left behind from smoke, fire, or water damage.

Repairs and Construction

Eco Pro Restoration is an industry leader in smoke and fire damage restoration, providing high-quality repairs and construction services. We offer a wide range of services for your home or business following a fire or other natural disaster, including structural repair to make your home safe again and minor repairs to restore your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Commercial And Residential Fire & Smoke Damage Clean-Up Services

Eco Pro Restoration is a licensed, bonded and insured company capable of providing the services you need when it comes to any of the services that require fire damage cleanup or smoke damage restoration. We can provide the water damage restoration needed to clean up the water left behind, the fire damage restoration services afterward and even the smoke damage restoration needed to make your home or business look like new again.

Dealing with fire or smoke damage restoration and cleaning is often the homeowner’s problem. The water damage and cleaning from extinguishing the fire can do just as much damage. The belongings are not handled by the insurance company. After the cause is known, cleaning and restoration of undamaged or partially damaged items is to be made. The homeowner must be present during the restoration cleaning to be able to salvage possible items.


Suzanne ShaytSuzanne Shayt
11:21 02 Jan 20
Eco Pro was fabulous. I just had a small job done with them installing a metal handrail into cement steps. They had no problem filling the order, were prompt, fair in their pricing and very kind. Highly recommended.
Jesse StumpJesse Stump
20:04 17 Dec 19
Jerry was incredibly responsive and professional. He resolved our mold issue promptly. I highly recommend their team.
Michael HeherMichael Heher
19:03 24 Nov 19
We had a tune up on our furnace from another company who said we had mold all on the inside of our furnace which could kill us. Looking for a second opinion we contacted Eco Pro Restoration of Baltimore who came out over the weekend to inspect our problem. They looked at the inside of the furnace and was able to determine we didn't have a mold problem, and suggested we just clean up the area and get our ducts cleaned instead. We were not charged ANY money for his time and honesty, and we are left with a peace of mind! After another company tried to sell us an expensive part and even another company said we needn't a whole new furnace, I very much appreciate this company and specialist who determined we had no problem at all.
Rivka BogartRivka Bogart
01:58 05 Nov 19
This company is amazing! Yossi/Jerry came as soon as I called him. He stayed for awhile to check every nook and cranny to make sure there were no signs of mold. He was courteous, knowledgeable, and very pleasant. I highly recommend EcoPro Restoration!
Ben SchwartzBen Schwartz
17:59 25 Oct 19
Definitely recommend! They came out just 2 hours after I called… We’re very knowledgeable, helpful, honest and did not try to oversell their services! Make the call… You are in good hands
Tim FinkTim Fink
16:52 21 Aug 19
Thought we had a serious issue at our house with mold after getting an air test done. The person who performed the air test wasn't involved with remediation of the problem but was willing to refer me to someone. He said that Eco Pro Restoration was the only company he would recommend in the industry because they could be trusted. So I set up an appointment with them and they promptly sent someone out to take a look. They tested our basement area and determined that the problem really wasn't as bad as originally thought. They were knowledgeable, friendly and really helpful. Couldn't have been happier with their service. If we ever do have a problem, I would call them again in a heartbeat.
Its me LauraIts me Laura
17:52 05 Aug 19
I was at my wits end with a botched water remediation job. I called Jerry at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon. He was at my home in an hour. His calm, "seen it all" demeanor and confidence assured me that I had found the right company to fix the issue. If it wasn't bad enough that they were coming in to clean up another contractors mess they also navigated working with my insurance company with ease. Chris and his crew were great too! I never doubted his integrity and honesty. I knew that if Chris was doing the job it would be done correctly the first time. They spent a lot of time to get my home in shape. I couldn't be more grateful for their professionalism and attention to detail.
Menachem SegalMenachem Segal
18:56 06 Mar 18
Eco Restoration did a superb job! We had a major sewage mess in the basement and they got the job done to clean and sanitize the place! We were very happy with their work and professional job. Besides for the good job that they did - I found them to be really nice and friendly and I felt good working with them. I would highly recommend them to others.
Mac McdonaldMac Mcdonald
19:11 13 Feb 18
An easy 5 stars for Jerry and the Eco Pro Restoration team. After my water heater failed and flooded my basement, Jerry was able to come out promptly to review the damage and begin the mitigation process. Eco Pro worked alongside my insurance company to resolve the situation and ensure that the repair was even better than what had existed before. Hopefully the need won't arise, but if it does, Eco Pro will be my first call.
Jim - Helen HuangJim - Helen Huang
17:30 08 Jan 18
Jerry is very professional. He arrived at the site on time in a very cold weekend morning. After carefully surveyed the site he concluded no mold remediation is needed so he did not charge us a penny! This company is reliable and trustworthy and I'll definitely call them again in case of need in the future.
Johanna ScheinJohanna Schein
15:36 20 Dec 17
Great service! Jerry showed up right on time and was very knowledgeable and helpful. He worked around my schedule and was very easy to schedule a consultation with. The best part is that he didn't try to sell us any services that we didn't need and provided great tips for keeping mold away! Thanks!
12:52 29 Nov 17
I love these guys! Prompt service, honest (the didn’t try to sell me on what I didn’t need), responsive and professional. Very reasonable pricing too. Call them!
Desiree JohnsonDesiree Johnson
02:59 10 Oct 17
Mr. Jerry from Eco Pro Restoration (EPR) was truly a lifesaver today. I called EPR because I was highly concerned about some black spots that I had found in my home office and bathtub the night before. I was completely freaked out by the thought of having a mold infestation, after googling what the spots could be. Considering that today was a holiday, and I got off work after their quitting time, Mr. Jerry still managed to squeeze me into their schedule. He must have detected the panic in my voice. Longer story short, he assessed my home and eased my fear that their was nothing to be concerned about. I did have evidence of some mold, but it was surface and an easy fix. The assessment was free and he was kind and patient with me. He was helpful in educating me about moisture control and the next steps to take. I was very pleased with the service and would definitely recommend EPR if you have a mold concern. Thank you again Mr. Jerry! DJ
Hyam SingerHyam Singer
21:32 13 Sep 17
We initially hired EcoPro to address a mold issue in our bathrooms which they did very effectively. In fact, based on the quality and affordability of their services, we expanded the scope of their work to include some additional renovation of our bathrooms as well as additional painting and refinishing work in other parts of our house. We were very happy with their work overall.
Mary StarrMary Starr
11:36 06 Sep 17
I was worried about mold in my basement after a recent rise in humidity due to some changes. Eco Pro Restoration responded quickly. Jerry came out and gave me an honest opinion, reassured me, and made several recommendations of things I can do to prevent any future problems. He did not recommend any of his services as he did not see a need, and he did not charge for his visit. I would definitely use them in the future if needed!
Karen ArriagaKaren Arriaga
18:26 31 Jul 17
I highly recommend Eco Pro. They responded quickly to my online inquiry and were able to accommodate my schedule for the initial inspection, which was free! The gentleman that came out was on time, professional, and gave me an honest opinion. I just bought a fixer upper and wanted to have someone look at some of the suspicious looking areas. His evaluation was thorough and his advice was honest and reassuring. I would definitely use them in the future if needed!
Yekaterina KuchikYekaterina Kuchik
05:09 25 Jul 17
Great job! Fast response and extremely professional! I was impressed with the quality of work and their ability to work with my schedule. I would recommend 100% to anyone that's looking for great service!
fire damage restoration
Fire & Smoke Damage Clean-Up Services
smoke damage restoration

Common Types of Fires That Could Affect Your Home

Electrical Fire

Do not underestimate the threat from electricity just because there is no flame included. The over warming or damage of hot plugs and sockets and blown fuses are dangerous.

Kitchen Fires

The kitchen contains many risks. The typical combination of gas, grease, electrical energy, and water is extremely hazardous and can cause much damage. Grease and oil are common causes of fires in the cooking area and are usually triggered by frying pans. This type is dangerous as it can set the whole kitchen ablaze. Additional types of damage are dry cooking fires and ovens. These types are easy to manage and they are not most likely to cause damage. Cooking area devices may likewise ignite if not maintained well.


Many cigarette-related fires start since the cigarette is not put out totally. Extra common causes of damage include falling asleep with a cigarette and utilizing inappropriate ashtrays.

Storage Area Fires

Popular as storage locations these places usually consist of dangers such as gasoline and other combustible liquids. Old clothing, documents and other combustible products are also dangerous and must be saved securely. A lot of the electrical fire threats are likewise located in these locations. Worn cables, electrical boxes and other indications of electrical problems must be treated immediately.

Candles and Fireplaces

Even a tiny candlelight flame can have upsetting effects. Numerous candlelight-associated fires start due to droughts that lead to flames and tilting candle lights that are not put in suitable holders. While some causes of damage are general and can occur anywhere, other causes are more specific for certain rooms.

Running the fireplace without a screen will allow hot tinders to fly into the room and trigger fire. Other causes of fire damage are combustible items such as wallpaper, curtains, and clothes that are left without keeping adequate clearance in the area.

Gadgets Catching Fire

Bedrooms usually catch ablaze when triggered by abuse of electrical gadgets. Flames can start due to overwhelming extension cables and the use of electric blankets and warmers without any lab approval. Heating systems are an issue during the winter season if they are recklessly placed near linen, clothing, and other combustible items and can damage not only your home but your family.

Things To Consider During Fire Damage Restoration

  • Control people from entering the burned site; ask emergency personnel to cordon the site for you. No one except family members and hired contractors must enter and exit the site.
  • Ask a licensed electrical company to accompany you to the site to assess electrical damage as well.
  • Wear adequate protective clothing. Wear industrial safety gloves to protect your hands from charred wood and glass particles.
  • Have a durable garbage bag with you as you rummage for usable items in the heap. If there are potentially hazardous materials like paint and paint products, it is better to throw them in an appropriate bin.
  • Have water always ready with you in case a flare-up should ever start. There is still a high possibility of a blaze starting if you have dry and hot weather.
  • Check the home insurance and get all the paperwork together.
  • Get photographs of your home as soon as possible.
  • Use an odor removal device to remove unwanted smells
  • Get a mold remediation specialist to inspect your home if the fire department used hoses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does fire restoration cost?

The cost of fire restoration is based on the severity of the damage. The more severe the damage, typically the higher the price will be for repairs.

What if my fire-damaged property contains asbestos or some other hazard?

If your home has been damaged by a fire and was built before 1980 it may contain asbestos in the insulation or other building materials. This means that you will need to contact the fire department and an environmental scientist before any repairs are made or cleanup is done.

What determines the cost of fire damage cleanup?

The cost of fire damage cleanup will depend on the severity and extent of the fire. The more severe or extensive a fire is, then usually that means a higher price for cleaning up the mess. In general, a fire that damages the structure of a home or business will cost more to clean up than say one that just affects carpeting.

What is the first thing I should do after a fire?

The first thing you should do after a fire is to call your insurance company. You will need to find out what steps they require for the claim process, as well as if they will be able to cover the cost of your fire damage restoration.

You should also contact a qualified smoke cleanup company for assistance with getting rid of the smoke and other odors that remain after a fire.

When should I use a fire restoration service?

A fire restoration service is typically called in after a disaster has occurred, such as an accidental kitchen fire. This type of service can help to mitigate the damages caused by the blaze and will be able to help you get your home back in order.

How to clean after fire damage?

There are many different ways to remove soot from carpets and other surfaces. You may have heard of using water, baking soda, or dishwashing detergent. These are all potential solutions that can work in your case. To remove smoke odor from surfaces like walls and ceilings, it is best to use a deodorizer. However, for large fires, you should call a professional.

What do fire damage restoration services cover?

Fire damage restoration services cover a wide range of services, including water damage restoration and mold remediation.

When your home, workspace or business has been damaged by fire and smoke damage, it is important to contact a professional restoration company for help.

How long does fire restoration take?

The fire restoration process can be lengthy and complex. The length of time needed for a complete restoration depends on the extent of the damage, which is determined by an insurance company’s inspection. It may take 1 day to 3 months for a complete restoration.

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