Mold can be found anywhere, be it indoors and outdoors. It only needs cellulose and moisture to thrive, and when it is not handled in time, it can lead to a number of dangers, especially with regards to human health and safety. Mold generally grows spores which are then released and contain a number of toxins that are harmful to human health.

To better understand the dangers of mold, you need to be aware of where to look for it. Mold can grow under furniture, in bathrooms, in mattresses, on clothing, in humidifiers, on the walls inside and outside the home and anywhere that is conducive for the growth of mold. You can find it on mattresses that have been passed down, places where there has been spillage of juices, milk, urine and other liquids. In fact, everyday items such as soaps, detergents and washing liquids contain chemicals that attract mold growth when exposed to air. Food that is not properly stored or is exposed to the elements also risks getting mold and this is also harmful to your health.
The dangers of mold are mostly health related. Toxins such as aflatoxin, satratoxins, Aspergillus, mycotoxins and many others come about as a result of growing mold. These are known to affect the brain, central nervous system, abdomen, pulmonary system, soft tissue and bone damage as well as general organ damage. It can lead to more fatal conditions such as heart failure. These can be worse in children and pets whose immune system is not as strong as that of an adult. What makes mold even more frightening is that it does not always have a smell and neither is it always visible.
There are some symptoms to be on the lookout for including: asthma, change in the skin (dryness or itchiness), diarrhea, constipation, nausea & vomiting, hair loss, sudden changes in weight, tooth conditions, abdominal pain and many others. While these may be an indicator of many other conditions, it is important to have it checked out to eliminate any possibilities.
So how can you take care of the dangers of mold in the home? You can call in a mold remediation Baltimore MD expert who can survey your home or environment for potential mold hot spots. This allows the homeowner to make changes which include repairs to any parts of the home affected by mold, fumigating to get rid of the mold as well as regular cleaning and inspection of the home to avoid creating growing spots for it. The benefits of keeping the mold pandemic to a minimum includes reduced medical and home repair costs. Some of the above symptoms can actually be done away with if the family lives in a mold-free zone. In addition, tackling mold in its early stages ensures that you do not have to keep making repairs to the home. Further, you will save on getting the mold under control when it becomes too extreme because it means calling in experts who have to be paid for their services.

In conclusion, the dangers of mold are mostly health related and this means that getting rid of mold early enough keeps you and your family healthy and strong. In addition, it is clearly important to keep your home or environment clean and dry to avoid creating breeding grounds for mold.