Water damage can cause a great deal of damage to your home; many instances have seen homeowners trying to tidy up their homes from the damage caused by water. Water can cause irreparable damage depending on the intensity of the cause; one major culprit in this is the flood water. If your home is built at a steep place or down the valley, when unexpected floods arise it can caused serious damage to your house contents. Other causes of water damage to your house include; leaking faucet, leaking or a pipe that has burst. At any rate, you realize that such water sources can bring a heavy damage to your household goods.

Here are some vital steps to take for water damage cleanup to your home:

1) Mitigation Assessment:

Immediately after you home has experienced water damage due to one cause or the other, call a professional water cleanup professionals. In most cases such Companies will send their mitigation team to inspect the damage caused by water, if there is any first aid in the process they will also do it. For instance, if there is still water flowing all over the house they can locate the source and block it or close it, before moving on to do other duties. The process involves cleaning up debris or any dirt’s that is deposited inside your house, basic equipment’s is involve in this initial stage. If you live near us, call the Baltimore water damage specialists Eco Pro Restoration.

2) Dehumidifiers and Fans:

The second stage is where the team sets up dehumidifiers and fans to check the extent of the damage, in most cases water damage goes beyond what the eyes can see to deeper underneath and inside the concrete. That is worse if the damage is not deal with immediately, here the team will use technology to assess the extent of the damage and find out ways of drying it up. They will use Dehumidifiers to detect where there could be still water lodging inside the firmament of walls and floor, once the process is over then they can proceed to another level.

3) Drying Process:

The third stage is where the specialized teams sets up drying equipment’s, depending on the extent of the damaged caused by water, different equipment’s can be employed under the supervision of a Mitigation Project Manager. The team ensures that all areas in the damaged place is dried well before moving to the next stage, drying can be a complex process that involve the use of many facilities. The manager may recommend document drying or air quality testing to ensure all is well.

4) Reconstruction Process:

If the damage is so grave that your property needs some reconstruction or renovation, then a professional Property Damage Estimator can assess the and estimate what is required in terms of materials and costs to reconstruction. The Estimator is within the Company’s team and he does the estimation free, once the estimator has analyzed and estimated every cost, the contracted Company can work with the client insurer. The Estimator will reach out to the insurance Company and show them the total costs, if they all agree the restoration work can be started to completion.

5) Reconstruction Project Manager:

The Reconstruction Project Manager will then come into the scene to supervise the reconstruction work to completion, once the whole project is completed and everything is tidied up. When the whole process is completed, the homeowner is supposed to check and once satisfied with the work to sign a satisfaction certificate. The certification is then forwarded to the insurance Company to release the payment as the owner moves back to his property.

Different water damage restoration Companies may take different procedure, but the above steps are standard practice by the Companies for water damage cleanup to your property or house.